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We Are NerveRadio

⏳ – It all started in Eliott’s bedroom when he was 13’s.

Thanks to perseverancesleepless nights, unfailing determination, and good meetings,

What was a childhood dream was about to come true.

Thanks to this young team of 3 passionate people, here’s NerveRadio 6 years later: ⏰


✨ Events organization

In 2021, NerveRadio created the NRSP Festival. We aim to make people escape from reality during our events. We also signed a collaboration with : FaerEvents
If you want to know more about our events, click here.


⭐ Events collaboration

Since 2022, NerveRadio has been working with the world's biggest festivals to bring you quality artist interviews as well as an day-to-day live experience during the events. We have collaborated with : Tomorrowland, Ultra, Electric Love, Alan Walker, Martin Garrix & more..

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