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Okay, we'll tell the truth.. 👁

Yes we are NerveRadio and yes we are the first HardMusic radio in France. 🇫🇷

⏳ But let’s just go back in time to 2017 :

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🛏️ It all started in this teenage bedroom. Eliott was 13’s when he decided to start his own webradio by creating a Discord server with some friends.

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One day Eliott grew up, but at 14 years old, he couldn’t do much. He decided to register as an association, a status that allowed him to do the first public appearance of NerveRadio and physical meeting of the team.. 🥁

The village annual Party

An important day engraved in stone.

From that day on, NerveRadio was not only a passion, it had become a profession, a business.

A few years of research later, while testing the field, Eliott met Silvio who would later become the second director of NerveRadio. He introduced him to HardMusic, a niche that is little known in France but with great potential!

What was a childhood dream was about to come true. Thanks to perseverancesleepless nights, unfailing determination and good training and meetings, NerveRadio became professional. 📈

Thanks to this young team (18-23) of 5 passionate people, all friends, here’s NerveRadio 5 years later: ⏰


⭐ Events collaboration

Since 2022, NerveRadio has been working with the world's biggest festivals to bring you quality artist interviews as well as an day-to-day live experience during the events. We have collaborated with : Deezer, Ultra, Elektric Park, Alan Walker, Electric Love, Tomorrowland and many more to come..


✨ Events organization

In 2020, NerveRadio created is own online festival : NRSP Festival. Which was very well received by the public during the pandemic with more than 1000 people on the first two editions, 5 hours of respective lives and 10 artists hosted.‎ We have also signed a long term collaboration with an wonderful event company (we'll tell you more soon)


🎙️ Artists interview

We would like to thank all the artists who gave us an interview and all the new to come, and especially Adaro who has always supported us since our beginning!