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Eliott Hameau



I discovered the radio business when I was 12 years old through a friend at school, I had never listened to the radio before that and the idea that young people could be well paid to have fun at night with their friends and entertain people drove me crazy ! So I started my own webradio at 13 years old in my teenage bedroom and with time, work and good meetings I discovered HardMusic which is a little known niche in France.
I met my best friend and my colleague thanks to that and today I live from my radio which took the position of First French HardMusic Radio. We also developed our event aspect by organizing virtual festivals due to the pandemic and we will propose real events from 2022 !
This year we will celebrate our 5 years anniversary and thanks to many partnerships and collaborations we are proud to have welcomed more than 50 artists on our airwaves this year ! I’m a 17 years old French entrepreneur who lives from my passions and I fought to get here, nobody gave me anything on a silver platter, I had to work hard and I often wanted to give up everything,
I also went through depression but I was lucky that my family and my friends support me as well as the public to not give up and to get up even stronger ! Today I give mindset advice on my instagram to « succeed » even if I don’t like this word because only you will determine your success. There is an expression that I like very much that says : « An entrepreneur is someone who throws himself off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down ».
I think that there is no age to be an entrepreneur, that school is not necessarily the key to personal and professional success and that entrepreneurship is not a profession but a way of life. I could talk for hours about mindset, books and trainings that helped me but I think one day I’ll do a conference about it or write a book maybe who knows ! And to answer the acting aspect, I started my career in amateur short films, then I started doing music videos, then series and films for television, and I plan to move to Canada soon to see where this career can take me.
Merci Beaucoup
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