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Eliott Hameau



Hey guys, I’m Eliott, 18’s, hum I don’t know where to start..
I started NerveRadio at 13 years old in my teenage bedroom during middle school. And with time, work and good meetings I discovered HardMusic. I’ve met my best friend and my colleague thanks to that.
NerveRadio is a 5 years adventure and thanks to many collaborations we are proud to have welcomed more than 100 artists! We’re focusing on organizing our own events both virtually and IRL and going to festivals around the world to meet some incredible artists.
I’m also a young actor, I’ve done some films and shows for Netflix and Prime Video. I’m graduated from Cours Florent 1st year Acting International and I’m mooving to Vancouver soon to see where this career can take me.
You can find me on my socials,
Enjoy !